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What is online Career Counselling?

Career Counselling online is a one-stop solution for career-related doubts in one place. Career choice should never be influenced by anyone, to make it hassle-free, businesses are rendering counseling services online.

Khatri Education & Consultancy gives you access to its online portal which contains 500+ career pathways. Students can get deeper insights about different career types. We can clarify your doubts on various career options and their scope; help you scuffle through the top colleges to make the right career choice.

With Khatri Education & Consultancy online counselling for students, career counseling has now become easier than ever. Our career counselors can introduce you to a plethora of career options to choose from and help you make the right career choices.

When is the right time to consult a Career Counsellor?

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of your talents and abilities can help you choose the proper job path, and the timing is always opportune to do so. Most students who have just started their 10th or 12th grade year can start benefiting right away. It is therefore ideal to always be one step ahead of schedule.

Early intervention is key to the effectiveness of career counseling services. You can make well-informed decisions for your long-term plans as a result. It also reduces confusion and delays at the last minute.

Khatri Education & Consultancy ensures that you receive all the assistance you need to discover your genuine calling. Like a best friend, we will point you in the correct path, give you the freedom to choose what’s best for you, and help you through all of life’s unavoidable obstacles.


What is the difference between Regular and Distance learning ?

Regular Education (On-Site): Physical Presence: Students connect with teachers and peers face-to-face when they attend classes in person.
Conventional Format: Exams, talks, and lectures are held in person at educational institutions.
Immersion: Social connections and a feeling of community are fostered by in-person instruction.

Distance learning-

Flexibility: Students can use technology and the Internet to study from any location via distance learning (online).
Virtual Classes: Online tests, modules, and videos are used to offer instruction.
Accessible: Permits involvement from anywhere without requiring physical presence

For what reason is Khatri Education & Consultancy the best option for me?

With a team of gifted and experienced experts that adhere to the same philosophy, Khatri Education & Consultancy offers the best career counseling services in India. Our professionals assess pupils’ potential using psychometric tests.

We recognize the value of a qualified career counselor since we are a platform that offers career guidance and counseling. As a result, when our knowledgeable and experienced career counselors get in contact with you, they will address all of your questions, allay your fears, and provide you with the best possible assistance in pursuing the job of your dreams.





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